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About the Gardeners

I am passionate about growing food and flowers using as little water as possible, making use of the richness and moisture of rotting wood, underground. Being outside in the garden is pretty much my favorite place to be. Dirty hands and sunshine are the best combo ever!

A primary source of my joy in the garden is sharing the work and the fun with my daughter, Fawn. She was with me when the shovel hit the earth for the first time, when we chose the location of our first bed and set out to make it happen. Since then, the garden has grown substantially, and she has been an important part of it, every step of the way. Many caring folks have also helped out, as you can see in "About the Wood for Food Garden."

In addition to being a part of the growing and harvesting process, Fawn has used the garden produce as part of her homeschool curriculum, for example, representing the various organs of the human body (above).

We also enjoy processing and preserving foods together. We use the Juice Mate/Sauce Master for tomatoes, apples, and anything that makes a good sauce. This food mill is simple enough for a young child to help with, and exciting to see and enjoy the end results. Good for building biceps too!

It all starts with a monstrous amount of rotting wood... Check out some of the early posts to see how the garden beds were constructed, such as:

Thank you for visiting this blog! Please feel free to leave comments under the blog posts to let me know what you think, what you are wondering, or what you're doing in your garden. Growing food is more fun when you share ideas.

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