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Monday, March 31, 2014

Dust Devil Eats Greenhouse

I always thought dust devils were supposed to pick up and whirl around things like... dust. Apparently they can be much more powerful than that! Today I said goodbye to my sawhorse greenhouse. Time to try a new, dust-devil-proof design instead (more on that later).

Fawn and I were down at the garden when it happened. I saw the wind picking up, first flattening the bunchgrass, then lifting leaves in the air... at first Fawn was laughing, and then I saw the roof of the sawhorse greenhouse sailing above my head. "It's not safe," I yelled, and she bolted for the shop (good thinking, kiddo). We waited it out and then came outside to survey the damage. All kinds of things were strewn about, far and wide. I'm kind of glad we were there, otherwise it would have been a confusing sight to arrive at.

The roof as it appears now, in a Ponderosa Pine tree.

The original sawhorse greenhouse can be seen at: 
(before its adventure)

Interesting to note: 
The milk jugs featured in held up just fine -- they didn't budge at all! Now that's saying something...


  1. We're not in Kansas any more, Toto! Scary!

  2. It definitely was scary! I just wasn't expecting the dust devil to start hurling things around... and I now have a new concept of what kind of stability is required for my contraptions. Gravity is not sufficient to keep things down!


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