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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Midsummer Gratefulness

Thanksgiving may officially be in autumn, but summer inspires its own thankfulness.

Grateful that we got real rain, even though it also brought hail and wind.

Grateful for the large number of plants that survived the hail and wind storm despite getting beat up...

...and grateful that I took some pics before the hail.

(Asparagus and nasturtiums)

Grateful for the blueberry bed made with spruce hugelkultur -- with catnip to help attract pollinators, Wee Willie Sweet Williams for the butterflies, and fireweed and raspberries on the periphery.

Grateful for my first ever echinacea flower, and for my neighbor who shared the plant with me. I have always wanted to grow echinacea!

Grateful that we caught this fourth little monster (not so little after all the produce he's eaten)...

...and that I have such good help in relocating them. Fawn gives them a nice send-off, with songs about not being scared and heartfelt well-wishes. 

Grateful for the Dusky Grouse, our native counterpart to chickens, but totally self-reliant. They often take dust baths in my decoy garden beds outside the fence. The sound of the male grouse displaying throughout the growing season is an intrinsic part of the soundscape of the Wood for Food Garden, along with the baby kestrels calling out for food, then learning to fly above my head.

 I can hear the Dusky Grouse clucking all around the garden area, and sometimes they come in and help by eating slugs and other creatures that compete with us for food. One of this year's young spent some time in the garden recently (above).

Grateful that the cucumber tipi didn't blow down in the wind storm! 

Grateful for all the people who have helped me so that this garden could come together. And for the new birdhouse, another beautiful contribution from Lee! (Note the rounds stacked in the background -- more Wauconda wood for a new above ground bed for next year...)

Grateful that the aspen hotbed came through again, this time with a robust garlic harvest...

...and grateful that I have the health and wellness not only to grow these foods but also to harvest and enjoy them.


  1. Your garden is looking awesome! So glad that you weren't in the path of the wildfires. Lightning struck the cliff very close to my house, and they were a bit blithe and told me that they would just let it go out...

    1. Thanks, Jacki! I'm sorry to hear about that fire -- is it still burning? Scary. It has been pretty smoky here at times and we're so thankful to have been spared the fire. So many things to appreciate right now...


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