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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Beauty Among Food

Take a break from the work of harvest and preservation 
to notice the beauty that marks this time of year...

The aspen hotbed continues to provide color as well as good eating. 
This is the time of year for soaking it up!

I have been covering the garden in old sheets every night this week and it seems to be helping. We also have great sun exposure for nurturing a garden, and of course literally tons of wood and manure cooking beneath the ground. We had a freeze on September 11th and then things warmed up substantially... however, it has been close to freezing the last couple of nights.

Our friends the bumblebees are still hard at work... we are so lucky to have them!

This bumblebee fits just right in the center of the pumpkin blossom.
(Pumpkins, it's a little late to be putting out blossoms!)

Swiss chard is proving to be one of our most consistent, robust fall crops. I could not resist laying this leaf on the autumn-blooming chrysanthemums. They were a Mother's Day gift one year in a one gallon pot, and now they form a hedge of radiant globes.

Another friend of the garden we are always happy to see...
(on the asparagus)

These roses were a Valentine's gift from my husband and 
daughter and they are giving color well beyond summer.

It boggles my mind that this huge plant with cascading magenta blooms has grown from one tiny seed. When I first heard about Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth and the fresh greens it provides, I knew I had to try growing it... but I had no idea how beautiful it would be.

And last but not least -- peekaboo!

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