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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cucumber Tipi - Part 4

This is the culmination of the cucumber tipi project: beautiful flower-like Armenian cucumber slices in the kitchen!

They are tender, crispy, and almost sweet.

This is the fabric I put up to keep the marmots from getting interested in the tipi plants, earlier in the growing season. Now the cucumbers are escaping!

Some of these cucs have been getting pretty long...

Magic inside the tipi

The garden came pretty close to burning up in the fire, but the firefighters set a back burn and saved our property. Bravo! Thank you firefighters! You can see the ash on the cucumbers, a symbol of being fortunate, and a reason to be grateful.

The tipi is still providing cucumbers, though not as prolifically as before. 
Here, Fawn is harvesting a smaller cuc for us to break in half and eat on the spot.

We're enjoying the fullness of harvest time. 
(This was the first day the sun showed itself -- 
in the background is smoke, not clouds.)

The garden is

a green oasis in our semi-desert surroundings,

  and seemed even more strangely alive amidst the haze from the Okanogan Complex fires. We are very thankful to have our garden. My heart goes out to those who have experienced losses in these fires.

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