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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Autumn Rainbow

We often think of rainbows in spring, but the fall garden has its own rainbows too! I thought it might be nice to just offer a color splash without a lot of words... 


Swiss Chard

Blueberry leaves

Black Cohosh leaves


Fawn is at the age where pumpkin carving is still a thrill, but she is old enough to do it completely by herself. With volunteer pumpkins all over the garden, this should be a decorative autumn! She might even carve up the Atlantic Giant...


Maximilian Sunflower (perennial)

Honeyboat squash, ready to dig in


"Dwarf" curly leaf kale

And still some new Armenian cucumbers forming in the tipi, in October!


Incredible skies over the Wood for Food garden


Potatoes -- like an Easter egg hunt

Russian Kale and Johnny Jump-ups (I'm not the only one enjoying these petals)

Enjoy this amazing time of year!


  1. Hope your Honey Boat is sweeter this year. Ours are pretty sweet...perhaps, because of the long warm summer we had this year.

    1. It is very sweet and delicious, thanks John! :-) I appreciate you introducing me to this variety, I am pretty sure I will grow it every year from here on out!


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