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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spring has Sprouted

At first I wasn't sure what these prolific volunteer sprouts were. Then I found some still emerging from their seeds, and realized that they are green orach, one of my favorite salad greens!

A few days later I found this... Green orach branches laying on the ground have sprouted like mad!

Inside the cambered frame, the red orach has also come to life. I will relish their tender leaves in salads, tacos, etc. The only thing better than green orach is red orach! They are pretty enough to grow for their looks alone, but also delicious and very good for you.

Outside, it was 42 F or 6 C today (left), and there is still snow on north-facing slopes. However, the sun was shining... and inside the tipi greenhouse it was 90 F or 32 C (right), in the shade of a large pot. It was sweltering! This is just a simple tipi, with plastic on the east, south, and west sides, and an old thrift store blanket on the north side. I don't think you could make a more cost effective greenhouse.

The cauliflower has sprouted inside the tipi greenhouse. I surrounded the sprouts with coffee grounds because the slugs are already at epic levels. They are a *special* part of the microclimate we've got going.

Cauliflower-to-be (already being munched, but hanging in there)

This sight is a miracle to me: last year's seed husk with a live plant establishing itself. Wow.

And out on the property, more miracles -- the first buttercups of the year! This is my daughter's hand, for scale. 

Few things bring more joy around here than the first sprouts in the garden, 
and the first buttercups on the hills.


  1. I've grown the red orach, which was very prolific, especially if you cut it and let it sprout again. The seeds on your old stems look totally dead and then they make a new plant - it's a miracle!

    1. Definitely, Jacki! I love this plant.


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